About the Hive

 ITB is a buzzing Atlanta-based fulfillment center offering warehousing,  worldwide shipping, assembly and kitting.   We provide services for a wide range of consumer brands.  Mostly, we are all about helping businesses grow and succeed.

Innovative Logistics

Streamlined processes and automation ensure efficiencies and accuracy throughout  order flow and shipping solutions.  We are proud of our ability to ship most orders  within 24 hours. 

easy Support Integration


Our enterprise technology easily integrates with top ecommerce  platforms including Shopify, Amazon, and many others. We never  charge an integration fee or software licensing fee to provide clients with full  visibility into inventory and orders.

Service-driven Account Management

 Service-driven account management provides expert feedback  from Receiving to Shipping and every process in between and is always available to address questions or concerns.


We are your shipping experts!  From fast-paced, high volume crowd-funded campaigns to online  stores,  retailers,and  online giants, we work hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all  aspects of our fulfillment services and shipping  including special projects and warehouse management of inventory and orders.

Our Colony

Jeff Rudisill - EVP of Sales

Amanda Russell - Office Manager