About Us

ITB is a leading Atlanta-based fulfillment center offering warehousing, worldwide shipping, returns processing, assembly and kitting. We have over 75 years combined experience among the owners and operators of ITB with deep expertise in Warehouse Management, Operations, Fulfillment Services, Technology, and Account Management.

Innovative Logistics

Streamlined processes and automation ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout order flow and shipping solutions. We ship most orders within 24 hours.

Easy Support Integration

Our enterprise technology easily integrates with top ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, and many others. We never charge an integration fee or software licensing fee and our clients have full visibility into their inventory and orders.

Service-driven Account Management

Service-driven account management provides expert feedback from Receiving to Shipping and every process in between and is always available to address questions or concerns.

Shipping is what we do

From fast-paced, high volume crowd-funded campaigns to online stores, wholesale orders, and prep and ship to online giants, we work hard to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of our expert fulfillment services and shipping.

The ITB Client Commitment

ITB wants to be your solution for scalable growth across all distribution channels. Our mission is to do everything possible to help our clients’ businesses operate successfully. We operate as an extension to your business – providing warehousing, infrastructure, technology, automation and a vast array of shipping options and solutions for worldwide coverage. Our commitment includes providing any additional services needed for your scalable growth and success including quality control, reverse logistics, special projects, labeling, and kitting. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We invite you to experience the ITB Client Commitment.


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