Fulfillment Solutions

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Our services range from special projects, ticketing, labeling, quality control and assembly to warehousing, inventory management, pick and pack, and worldwide shipping. Our automated order fulfillment system means that orders are automated from your shopping cart to our order/inventory management system for efficient and accurate processing. Direct to Consumer orders usually ship within 24 hours. Tracking is posted automatically back to your order-taking system. We also provide reverse logistics for your product returns.

Our expert team focuses on accuracy, efficiency and care to ensure customer satisfaction with every order.

Retail Fulfillment

Our deep experience in EDI and retailer routing guides ensures that all retailer requirements are closely adhered to properly executed to protect your vendor score card. We ship retailers of all sizes from small and mid-size independents to the largest retailers in America.

E-tailer Shipment Services

We’ve got you covered for all online marketplaces, large or small. From the biggest of them all, to the thriving independents, we label, box, palletize and ship so you don’t have to think about it. Worry less. Sell more.

Reverse Logistics

Returns are a big part of streamlined fulfillment services, and is an essential part of customer satisfaction. We provide the same degree of care in reverse logistics as we do in order fulfillment, ensuring timely returns processing, reporting, and disposition of inventory to minimize your costs while preserving accurate inventory adjustments and maintaining happy customers!

Inventory Storage

Pay only for what you use. Our friendly pricing model charges only for space used, whether in bins or in pallet spaces. ITB’s warehouse is clean, insured, secure and scalable to meet the growing needs of your business.

Security includes a 24 hour security system and a sprinkler system for fire suppression in our newly renovated, beautiful brick building.

Our best of class technology allows you to view your inventory levels and order processing.

Our Receiving team ensures that your inventory is put away quickly and accurately to keep your orders shipping! You can trust ITB to care for your inventory as we would our own.

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

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