Our Technology

Our best of class technology, combined with in-house technologists and operational expertise is your assurance of ITB’s ability to provide the best service and best pricing you’ll find anywhere. Synchronized hardware and software solutions are fully customizable to each client’s specific needs and scalability. Experience the increased order volume, streamlined processes, speed, accuracy and attention you deserve.

Real Time Data Access

Our enterprise systems deliver access to your data in real time, including automated tracking, while also keeping you up to date on order and inventory information.

Seamless Integration

We provide seamless integration with all leading eCommerce platforms.

Best Rates Available

Our Warehouse Management System automatically connects to various carriers, selecting the best rate and carrier for the preferred service options.

Streamlined Accuracies

Scanned pick and pack stations streamline accuracies and ensure orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

Atlanta Fulfillment Warehouse